Kandy Esala Perehera is the most highlighted cultural festival in Sri Lanka. It is a Buddhist festival which is happening every year during end July or August months for ten (10) days. Large group of Elephant, drummers, dancers and many more people will attend to this amazing event. Never miss this beautiful event. Transport, tickets and hotels can be arranged for package price. Please let us know how to help you.

  • 31st NIGHT

    31st Night is the one the day that whole world celebrate. Here in Sri Lanka we also arrange parties and great nights on this day. There are many beach parties in the south beach and Colombo. In Ella is another best place to be at 31st night.

  • Surfing

    There are many events happening in Arugam bay area during May to September. Specially during the August month. World famous surfers will join for surfing events at Arugam bay during this time. Beach parties and music events happening in most of the nights at Arugam bay during this season. Contact us for more information.